Message Fom Prime Minister of Iraq: Nouri Al-Malik


Dear Visitor,
Iraq today is undergoing a period of rapid transition, growth and development. From the ashes of dictatorship and tyranny, a new free and democratic Iraq is emerging.
With security being restored and political milestones reached, our attention is shifting increasingly to the economic challenges that Iraq must overcome if it is to fulfill its promising potential.   
The success of Iraq’s democratic experiment rests on the degree it can consolidate the freedoms and rights gained on the political level, with economic freedom and a democratic culture. In both these fields, trade and commerce have a central role to play.
True economic freedom exists when there is not only a free environment for people to engage in economic activity, but also the opportunity and incentive to do so. Leading a national unity government today, we are working tirelessly to reverse decades of gross corruption, mismanagement and unemployment, and have committed to wholly rebuilding Iraq’s economy and infrastructure. We have set ourselves an immense and ambitious task, and one that will involve all of Iraq’s provinces.
Iraq’s economic project must also involve foreign expertise and capital necessary to speed up Iraq’s development and growth. Vast opportunities exist for foreign investors seeking new inviting markets to expand into. We welcome those companies who offer services, expertise and skill sets we currently lack. We hope and trust that foreign investment and expertise will play an important role in Iraq’s rebuilding. 
Amongst the many potential investors, we look to see active participation from American business. The unique ties that we have cultivated over the last few years, and the leading character of many American corporations, mean they are well-placed to participate in the building of the new Iraq. We expect and trust that increased Iraqi-American commerce will further enrich the relationship between our two nations, and will enhance Iraq’s democratic culture.
I welcome you to partner us in our exciting venture.

Nouri Al-Maliki
Prime Minister
Republic of Iraq