Business Registration in Iraq

Document Legalization

The Iraqi Commercial Office will only legalize Certificates of Origin (CO’s) and Commercial Invoices (CI’s). (Other documents can be legalized via our General Consular Services)  

The following are the steps to legalizing CO’s & CI’s:

·         Step 1:

o   Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices should be legalized/stamped by the local Chamber of Commerce and Public Notarized. Then legalized by the Secretary of State of where the documents originated in.

·         Step 2:

o   The documents should be legalized by the U.S. Department of State – Authentication Office in Washington D.C.


1st Floor

1150 passport services PL

Dulles, VA 20189-1150


·         Step 3:

o   The documents should be delivered to the Office of the Iraqi Commercial Attaché

Iraq Commercial Office

1155 15th Street NW Suite #1100

Washington, DC 20005

Important Notices:

1.    Certificates of Origin must include (Product name, Production/Manufacturing Company, Location of Origin/Production, Freight Forwarder, Importer, the Shipping Method (Air/Sea) and Port Location )

2.    Commercial Invoices must include (Product Name, Type of Product, Quantity, Price Per Unit, Total Shipment Amount, and the Importer’s Name & Address)

3.    Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices must include the final destination (full name & address) in Iraq, along with the US Company’s name, address, and contact information.

4.    Foreign Products:

o   If the product(s) listed in the Certificate of Origin and the Commercial Invoice are of foreign origin (Ex. France), the US Company must provide the original Certificate of Origin where the products were produced (Ex. From France), including a new Certificate of Origin issued by the US Company in the United States.

o   If the product(s) listed in the Certificate of Origin and the Commercial Invoice are of mixed origins, the US Company must attach a letter stating that the products (whole/partial) were produced on their behalf for their sole use and distribution.

5.    Fees:

o   A money order made payable to the “Iraqi Commercial Office/Embassy of Iraq” must be attached with each document ($160 for each CO and $160 for each CI).

6.    Supporting Documents:

o   The Office of the Iraqi Commercial Attaché holds the right to request any necessary supporting documents for cross-checking, prior to the legalization (examples: L.C. / Contract(s), etc.)

o   When exporting products to a non-governmental importer in Iraq, the Bill of Lading, Inspection and Insurance must be attached.

o   For our records, photocopies of each page for all (CO’s & CI’s) must be separately attached in your submission.

o   Health certificates issued by a related US Government Agency must be attached when exporting food or drugs.

o   When exporting Cigarettes; a letter of proof from the manufacturer must be attached stating the products were manufactured in their authorized facility; moreover, if the importer is an authorized distributor or agent of the manufacturer, proof of the Regional Agency, Reseller or Distribution Certificate(s) must be submitted.

o   Certificates of Origin & Commercial Invoices must be legalized together and submitted at the same time. When submitting documents for legalization individually, follow these guidelines:

§  When submitting CO individually: a copy of the Commercial Invoice must be attached separately.

§  When submitting a CI individually: A stamped and certified copy of the Certificate of Origin must be attached separately.

o   When submitting the documents via direct mail (UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, etc…) a pre-paid envelope must be included along with photocopies of all the documents.

o   The Office of the Iraqi Commercial Attaché doesn’t legalize “Performa Invoices”.

o   Upon submission, the documents will be legalized by the Office of the Iraqi Commercial Attaché and ready for pick up within 24 business hours.