Business Registration in Iraq

 The Iraqi Commercial Attache’ in Washington DC will ONLY certify

The Certificate of Origins & Commercial Invoices


Other documents will be certify directly from



Steps of Legalization at the Iraqi Commercial Attache'

The following are the steps to legalization at the Iraqi Commercial Office (ICO):

1.      All exported goods to Iraq from USA must have a certificate of origin and a commercial invoice certified by the Iraq Commercial Attaché in Washington DC.

2.      Notarize applicable documents.

3.      Then, the documents must be certified from The Secretary of the State where the document has been issued. (For example: if a certificate of origin has been issued from the State of California, you must certify the document in the state of California).

4.      Certificates of Origin & all commercial invoices must be stamped from the Chamber of Commerce in the State where the document has been issued.

5.      Health certificates issued by a related US Government Agency MUST be attached when exporting food or drugs to Iraq.

6.      The documents will then need to be sent to the U.S. Department of State:

Authentication Office

518 23rd Street, 
NW Sa-1 Columbia Plaza
Washington, DC 20037
Tel (202) 647- 5002
Fax (202) 663-3636


7.      Documents should be delivered to the Iraqi Commercial Office by courier or mail (USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc…) with a pre-paid return envelope and PHOTOCOPIES of each page for ALL the submitted documents.

8.      A money order made payable to: Iraqi Embassy/Commercial Office must be enclosed in the amount of ($160 for each Certificate of Origin + $160 for each Commercial Invoice)

9.      All submitted documents for legalization MUST include the full physical address of the U.S. Company (Building number, Street, City, State and Zip Code) in addition to the official telephone, fax number, email and the company’s website.  

   Iraq Commercial Office
  1155 15th Street NW Suite #1100
  Washington, DC 20005 

10.  The documents will then be legalized by our office and ready for pick up (or submitted for mail delivery) within 1-3 business days.


-          Prior to the legalization of your documents, please attach the following applicable supporting items (for private sector only): Bill of Lading, Inspection Certificate, & Insurance Policy.

-          The Iraqi Commercial Office will not legalize any documents except for the Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice.

To Register your company or to incorporate a branch or a representation in Iraq please go to


How To be part of our mailing list? 

The Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington D.C. maintains an active database of many U.S. companies. If you are interested in receiving project, investment opportunities, and tender announcements issued by different Iraqi Ministries, SOEs, or Provinces, and to become part of our mailing list, please provide/update the following information and email it to:

-         Company Name

-         Company’s representative & title

-         Sector

-         Mailing address (street, city, state and zip)

-         E-mail address/webpage

-         Company’s registration status in Iraq

-         Did the company conduct business in Iraq?

-         Interest in receiving general or specific (sector-based) announcements

-         Comments

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.